WHMCS Modules

Dropbox Backup for WHMCS

DropBox Integration that takes auto database-backups on Dropbox of our WHMCS based on our selection ( Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
It takes only 1 min to install and configure it then ready to perform backup automatically.

Product Limiter Modules For WHMCS

This addon allows you to limit the purchase of an products/services for each client. With this module, you can ensure that your customers can buy any product once or as many times as you choose. It is generally prepared for customers who provide 1-day, 7-day, 1-month, 1-year free / sponsor / trial-term service so that their customers cannot place more than one order from the free service.

Auto Product Upgrade

Automatically Upgrade Products
Delay Invoice Due Dates
Simple Cron Setup
Easy WHMCS Integration

Gateway Limiter For WHMCS

  • Define Clients Group for which payment method is to be available
  • Define the countries for which payment method is to be available
  • Limit Gateways for products
  • Disable Gateway for invoices with domains
  • Define min and max Amounts for the gateways (Checkout and viewinvoice)